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What Is Enlightenment?

To think ahead to Moksha (मोक्ष) enlightenment is to fast forward with egoic intentions and yet at the same time it is the very key that allows are escape from the prison of Maya (माया). Moksha is the cure to our egoic minds through our own state of enlightenment and the connection to our inner self.

‘For we have become the divine actor in an endless cycle of materialism and duality thinking from our egoic minds. Our attachments are seen as trophies and our egos constantly need gratification and massaging. We are so far removed from our true self that we no longer know who we are. We have become the very essence of everything we were not meant to be’.

We all have the ability to spiritually awaken so that we become a true oneness. For when we cease to perceive our physical world in terms of duality and start thinking from our hearts, we are able to connect to so much more of the universe than the limits of our 3rd world experience. We are so much more than Maya and our possibilities are truly endless.

An Awakening

It can sometimes take many lifetimes of rebirth for a spiritual awakening to establish itself. Perhaps this is not the first or the last time you are doing this right now and it may not be the last. That you are awakening from the mask of Maya and that the divine light inside of you is starting to grow stronger. Your journey of discovery may reach Moksha in this lifetime or simply paving the way for the next time you rebirth.

Awareness of Maya and what you learn on your spiritual journey in this lifetime is far more important than the outcome, as this is not a race with a medal of enlightenment for finishing. Moksha should not be seen as a trophy to parade around in egoic accomplishment whilst massaging yourself with adulation from others.

Your spiritual journey can be as hard or as easy as you wish to make it to be. Dead ends and starting all over again could be a recurring theme for you or you could find your path as easy as just saying ‘hello’. Remember this is not a competition with anyone else, yourself or with the universe. Do not let Maya keep repeating the endless loops of egoic reflection and detracting you from the divine light that exists inside of you.

What Is Enlightenment?

From a Hindu perspective enlightenment means that you have become free from the bonds of karma which is the cycle of birth and death. This cycle of birth and death is known as Samsara where the process of transmigration takes place when the eternal soul moves from one body to another. In a very simplistic analogy, it would be fair to assume that karmic bonds keep us bound to Samsara, and that Maya hides our participation from Samsara by using the veil of ignorance known as Avidya. When enlightened your soul will no longer be born to this world again as you are now free of all of your karmic responsibilities. You will no longer play the game of Leela and egoic thinking.

Extract taken from my book: MAYA available to buy on Amazon Kindle.

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