A Grain of Sand


Salty winds that have travelled millenniums slowly caress the side of your face. The Cornish air penetrates your soul with warmth and friendship.

A grain of sand from the most delicate of touch lands on your hand, it is unexpected but also welcoming at the same time. The grain is as old as the dawn of creation and in her purest form, a guest with open arms.

Can you feel me?” asks the grain of sand, to which you reply “Of course I can feel you”.

Now tell me what do you see around you?” asks the grain again. “I see the sky, the sea but most of all I feel you, I feel mother nature.” comes your reply.

This is the way of the world for those with understanding” replies the grain smiling.

And with that a gentle gust of wind appears and the grain of sand is no more. Already moved onto another journey of discovery, seeking out the lucky few with her message and charm.

It is a time that is uniquely yours. It is a time when you stood at the Cornish coastline and mother nature wrapped her arms around you. Comforting and kind, a true gift from the gods that only the ones who feel her, can see her.

Today mother nature spoke to you and you listened with all your heart.

There will be more grains of sand to come, some with meanings, some with magic and some that just happen to blow with the winds of time. But most of all they will be your grains of sand, your memories and your strength that flows within you.

For you are the grain of sand.

Posted By

Toby Abbs