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Does Free Will Exist?

Do we have the ability to make our own choices and decisions? YES, we do. 

Free will in its most simplistic form is a response to a given situation that requires you to make a choice. It is the outcome of our action after performing free will that is the one that plays most on our minds. It is this outcome that Maya (माया) taunts us with every time.

We are the creators of our own reality and we can make it as hard or as easy as we want it to be. The more aligned we become with the universe, the more our free will choices become for the greater good. 

The simple act of pouring and choosing a drink is an act of free will. Even if it there is only one choice of drink you still have the free will to decide how much of it you will consume. Even in a totalitarian state free will still exists. The choices you are able to make may be smaller in comparison, but you still have choices you can make.

Our free will choices may be a consequence from our past karmic actions or karmic actions we have produced in this lifetime. The more spiritually enlightened we become the more our ability to understand and shape our free will around our Svadharma (स्वधर्म) duty will be made easier. As we start to learn that we are Atman (आत्मन्) self, our thoughts, actions, and movements become aligned with our true nature. The decisions that we make will become selfless and for the greater good.

When we project thoughts that are not in alignment within the universe, we will never get the expected results we desire. We then end up making the incorrect assumption that free will is just an illusion, as the choices made available to us are unfortunately just a reflection of our lower vibrational state. It is our egoic minds that will taunt us everytime we have to make a decision until we learn to operate at a higher vibrational frequency.

Extract taken from my book: MAYA available to buy on Amazon Kindle.





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